Fifth Almost-Annual
Trans-Canada Championship Match
July 16, 2005

The fifth Trans-Canada Championship Match was held over the telephone on Saturday, July 16, 2005. The two teams had just participated in that day's two Canadian tournaments:

For the first time ever, the whole winning team from the eastern VETO stayed around to play in the Trans-Canada Championship Match. No other players were recruited to be in it.

As in previous years, the questions were written by Gabe Desjardins. The game was untimed, with 20 tossups.

Technical notes

The moderator, Eric Smith, was in Toronto and made a three-way call to Vancouver and to the other players in Toronto.

We had planned to use JoeQuiz, but the only problem was that Eric, the moderator, couldn't connect to the Internet. After about an hour of trying, eventually we gave up and used the old method.

Both teams had speakerphones and buzzer systems. This time, the moderator didn't seem to have any difficulty determining which site was the origin of a buzz or a shout (Toronto usually giving shouts rather than buzzes).

The moderator had participated in the Toronto tournament that day, and at both team sites there were sub-moderators who could see the packet being read. These people were able to detect and decide to throw out a few questions that had specific clues that were repeats from earlier in the day. This was the first time we could do this at a TCCM.


UBC defeated the Teddy Bears, 165 to 140.

Individual stats on tossups (+10/-5):
UBC: Fred 5/0, Luka 3/0, Zarya 1/0.
Teddy Bears: Andy 3/0, Paul, 3/2, Roger 2/0, Mark 0/2.

Bonus averages: UBC 8.3, Teddy Bears 10.0.

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