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Here is a list of academic quiz tournaments taking place in Canada in the next year. These tournaments are not necessarily affiliated with CAQL. Events outside our home and native land may also be listed here if the subject matter is to include substantial Canadian content, or if discounts are offered to Canadian teams.

Please e-mail announcements, updates and corrections to caql -at- caql -dot- org. Include tournament web page URL, contact e-mail address or phone number to be posted here, date, location, who is eligible to play, cost, discounts (for buzzers, clocks, staff, long-distance travel, etc.), source of questions, subject matter (academic, pop culture, etc.), expected difficulty level, approximate amount of Canadian content, and deadlines (for registration and/or for submission of questions, if required).

Although we endeavour to keep this page correct and up to date, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information posted here. If you are interested in a particular event, check with the event's contact person and/or web page (if any) to verify the details. We also monitor the qb-canada group for information about upcoming events.

In an attempt to make the job of spambots slightly more difficult, e-mail addresses are written with "-at-" and "-dot-" instead of "@" and ".", respectively.

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