VETO's Eastern Trivia Open
July 16, 2005

Congratulations to the Teddy Bears of the Apocalypse (Andy Saunders, Paul Paquet, Mark Holubeck, Roger Taguchi), the victors of yesterday's VETO's Eastern Trivia Open at Hart House, University of Toronto, after they defeated Djibouti Call (Jonathan Klein, Adam Lazier, Mark Edelstien, John Colterman) 225-155 in the first game of the advantaged final (Teddy Bears had the advantage via a 195-65 win in Round 1)

In all, a record 27 players on 8 teams participated in yesterday's event, which if I'm not mistaken, means that Toronto either equalled or surpassed Vancouver in number of teams, players, and packets contributed for the first time.

The winner of the title NOTE (Nerd of The East) goes to Ben Smith of Ottawa: There Is No "Team" In "I" with 56.43 points per game. Honourable Mention goes out to Matt from UWO Alumni (37.14) and Eric Smith from Toronto "B" (36.43). The title of Most Trigger-Happy goes to Jordan from McMaster, who had 23 negs in 7 games. Honourable Mention goes out to Bobby from Toronto "B", Paul from Teddy Bears, and John C. from Djibouti Call, who had 9.

Ben Smith recorded the Ottawa "Team" - Ottawa "I" round-robin match and the Toronto final match. Available in MP3 format at archive.org:

Full statistics can be found at http://www.andysthoughts.com/VETO2005/VETO2005_standings.html.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to all 27 players who played, Eric Smith for booking the rooms at Hart House, all of the people that wrote packets, brought packets from Vancouver, staffed games on their bye rounds, Janice Renshaw for agreeing to be the recipient of blind packets coming from Vancouver, and Bobby Hsu for staging the Toronto side of the Trans-Canada Championship. It was a lot of fun and hopefully we can do this again next year!

Packets from the event have been posted at the Stanford Packet Archive.

Andy Saunders
Tournament Director, VETO's Eastern Trivia Open
andy -at- andysthoughts -dot- com

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