Second Annual
Vancouver Estival Trivia Open
July 22, 2000

The second annual Vancouver Estival Trivia Open (VETO) was held on Saturday, July 22, 2000, in Vancouver, B.C.

We are grateful to National Academic Quiz Tournaments for providing questions at no charge. Question packets from NAQT's intercollegiate series were farmed out to players at VETO and the companion Waterloo Estival Trivia Open (WETO). These editors replaced some of the American questions with Canadian ones. There was no central editing.

Since it was raining outside, the tournament was held in the "amenity room" of Bruce's co-op housing complex in Vancouver's East Side.

As in VETO 1999, there were four teams. There were a total of 12 players this year, an increase of 50% over 1999. Teams were:


Rounds were untimed, with 20 tossups in each. Power tossups were not used.

Twelve games were played, only one at a time, in a double round-robin. Results of the first round-robin:

winning team score score losing team question authors
FARSIDE 280 235 B & B NAQT + Waterloo A + Washington
Washington 215 80 Maple Ridge NAQT + Brock
B & B 215 165 Maple Ridge NAQT + Peter
FARSIDE 250 185 Washington NAQT + BGSU/CWRU (WETO)
Washington 250 180 B & B NAQT + Waterloo B + Peter
FARSIDE 450 90 Maple Ridge NAQT + Washington

Standings after first round-robin:

rank team
2 Washington
3 B & B
4 Maple Ridge

At this point the schedule was set for the second round-robin, with the games between the top teams scheduled last. Results:

winning team score score losing team question authors
FARSIDE 200 185 Maple Ridge NAQT + Bruce
B & B 195 105 Maple Ridge NAQT + Washington
Maple Ridge 225 180 Washington NAQT + Peter
B & B 230 145 Washington NAQT + Conglomerate (WETO) + Peter
FARSIDE 285 250 B & B NAQT + Waterloo A
FARSIDE 380 250 Washington NAQT + BGSU/CWRU (WETO)

Since the FARSIDE team went undefeated, no final playoff was held.
Final team standings:

rank team wins losses total points +10 -5 bonus points bonus avg points against diff avg
1 FARSIDE 6 0 1845 62 3 1240 20.0 1195 108.3
2 B & B 3 3 1305 56 15 820 14.6 1230 12.5
3 Washington 2 4 1225 52 21 810 15.6 1345 -20.0
4 Maple Ridge 1 5 850 36 7 525 14.6 1455 -100.8

After the Maple Ridge team went home, Jason moderated an all-star game for the other players. The questions were written by NAQT and Waterloo B.
Yellow team: Ryan, Bruce, Brock, Spenser.
Red team: Peter, Tara, Larry.
Yellow defeated Red, 305 to 250.

The FARSIDE team played in the Trans-Canada Championship Match the following day against the winning team from the Waterloo tournament.

Individual player statistics

rank name team games +10 -5 points/game
1 Peter FARSIDE 6 57 2 93.3
2 Bruce B & B 6 38 9 55.8
3 Jason Washington 6 28 6 41.7
4 Brock B & B 6 18 6 25.0
5 Greg Maple Ridge 6 14 6 18.3
6 Neal Maple Ridge 6 11 1 17.5
7 Tarik Maple Ridge 6 10 0 16.7
8 Larry Washington 6 10 5 12.5
9 Ryan Washington 6 7 3 9.2
10 Tara FARSIDE 6 5 1 7.5
11 Spenser Washington 6 7 7 5.8
12 Victoria Maple Ridge 6 1 0 1.7

For leading the individual scoring, Peter retains the title of West Coast Dominatrix of Relevant Knowledge (WC-DORK).


Some players received prizes. Honourees were selected by the sponsor of each prize.

Honour honouree reason prize sponsor
longest trip to VETO Larry he traveled from 12th St. in Seattle that morning two Vancouver Airport Improvement Fee proof-of-payment tickets Peter
most animated answer Larry "slide" gesture for trombone answer an Apple poster of Jim Henson Tara
most creative question Peter audio-visual with bird calls an Apple poster of Albert Einstein Tara
most supportive & co-operative team B & B working together well an Apple poster of Jane Goodall Tara
most imaginative answer Jason (can't remember) an Apple poster of John Lennon & Yoko Ono Tara
best visual question Bruce provincial floral emblems and flags a CD of Adobe PhotoDeluxe Tara
best answer related to Amelia Earhart Greg giving "Amelia Earhart" as correct answer to a tossup an Apple poster of Amelia Earhart Tara
best-tasting bonus (withheld) no gustatory questions dates with the sponsor Peter

General observations

As with VETO 1999, the four-team format worked well. All activities were in one room, so only one moderator was needed at a time, there was no need to make copies of questions, and nobody missed anything unless they went out for refreshments.

Everyone arrived on time. After an abbreviated practice round, play began at about 12:15 p.m. The last round of regular play ended around 7.

Sharing Canadian questions with Waterloo meant that VETO players did not have to write as many questions as they would otherwise. Each VETO team, except Maple Ridge, Canadianized two packets and received two other Canadianized packets from Waterloo.

Jason, the captain of the Washington team, has a degree in Canadian Studies. His teammates did not complain about having to sit through so many Canadian questions, but just seemed to appreciate having an opportunity to play quiz bowl.

The Maple Ridge team did very well considering their youth and lack of any experience in this format. They played more aggressively as they got used to the rhythm of the game, and defeated the Washington team the second time around. They might also have beaten the undefeated FARSIDE team had they not been called for conferring on the last tossup. This has been a common problem with new players, who forget that they can't confer even on bouncebacks.

A few players said they were looking forward to playing again next summer. There's a risk that VETO might become so popular that other quiz bowlers will stop taking pity on us, and expect us to pay for questions. :)

"Vancouver, Vancouver, this is it!" — famous last words

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