Seventh Almost-Annual
Trans-Canada Championship Match
June 30, 2007

The seventh Trans-Canada Championship Match was held over the telephone on Saturday, June 30, 2007. The two teams were the champions of that day's two Canadian tournaments:

Thanks to Andy Saunders for writing the questions, and to Patrick Kachurek for moderating.

The game was untimed, with 20 tossups.

Technical notes

The moderator, Patrick Kachurek, was in Dayton, Ohio. He was connected to both Vancouver and Toronto by a three-way call.

Both teams had speakerphones. The team in Vancouver had a buzzer system, but the team in Toronto did not, so Toronto players shouted out "buzz!" when answering tossups. After the moderator announced which site had first buzzed or said "buzz", someone at that site would announce the name of the player (although sometimes they forgot to do this), and that player would give the answer.


An audio recording of the match has been saved on the Internet Archive.
Andy's packet is also available there.
Listen to the first half (duration 17:40) in format: VBR MP3, Ogg Vorbis, 64Kbps MP3.
Listen to the second half (duration 16:29) in format: VBR MP3, Ogg Vorbis, 64Kbps MP3.

Consolation Prize defeated UBC Pseudo, 320 to 205.

Individual stats on tossups (+10/-5):
Consolation Prize: Tamara 6/0, Ben 4/0, Jordan 1/0, Shauna 0/0.
UBC Pseudo: Robert 5/0, Brendan 3/0, Daniel 1/0, Maggie 0/0.

Bonus averages: Consolation Prize 19.09, UBC Pseudo 12.78.

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