Fourth Almost-Annual
Trans-Canada Championship Match
July 17, 2004

The fourth Trans-Canada Championship Match was held over the telephone on Saturday, July 17, 2004. The two teams had just participated in that day's two Canadian tournaments:

Originally the game was supposed to be between the winning team from the Vancouver tournament and the winning team from the Toronto tournament. UBC had won in Vancouver, and that was the team that played there. Rico's Roughnecks had won in Toronto, and this team played in the TCCM with the addition of Ben from the University of Ottawa.

The match was moderated for the first time by Gabe Desjardins, who as in previous years wrote the questions. The game was untimed, with 20 tossups.

Technical notes

The moderator was in California and made a three-way call to both Vancouver and Toronto.

Both teams had speakerphones and buzzer systems. The two buzzer sounds could usually be distinguished because the Toronto one had a distinctly lower pitch than the Vancouver one. When the moderator heard a buzz on a tossup, he announced either "Toronto" or "Vancouver", and then whoever had buzzed in would speak. This year we didn't really have a problem with determining who had buzzed first.

In Vancouver, the four players were hunched over a cheap regular-looking phone with speakerphone capability, the kind you'd have in your home. Unfortunately, the pageantry of the event wasn't as impressive as last year, when the players sat in front of their spectators at the lowest level of a room with tiered seating, spoke into microphones and listened to the moderator through a big speaker at the front of the room.


The Torontonians defeated UBC, 325 to 145.

Individual stats on tossups (+10/-5):
Torontonians: Eric 6/0, Ross 3/0, Ben 2/0, Rico 0/0.
UBC: Fred 3/0, Luka 3/1, Mike 1/0, James 1/1.

Bonus averages: Torontonians 19.5, UBC 9.4.

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