Third Almost-Annual
Trans-Canada Championship Match
July 19, 2003

The third Trans-Canada Championship Match was held over the telephone on Saturday, July 19, 2003. The two teams had just participated in that day's two Canadian tournaments:

Originally the game was supposed to be between the winning team from the Vancouver tournament and the winning team from the Toronto tournament. B2B had won in Vancouver, but in Toronto, only Eric remained from the winning Rico's Roughnecks team, so he was joined by Bobby and Caroline of the Squirrel of Strife team, and Dave of Kurt Busiek's Atro City.

The match was moderated by Matt Bruce, Vice President for Communication of National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT). The questions were written by Gabe Desjardins. The game was untimed, with 20 tossups.

Technical notes

The moderator made a three-way call to both Vancouver and Toronto from an NAQT retreat being held 400 km south of Fort Frances, Ontario. (Coincidentally, Fort Frances came up in a question that was read during the match.)

Both teams had speakerphones and buzzer systems. When the moderator heard a buzz on a tossup, he announced either "Toronto" or "Vancouver", and then whoever got the tossup would speak. It might have been better if someone at each site announced the name of the person who buzzed in there, but we didn't think of that.


The Torontonians defeated B2B, 185 to 90.

Individual stats on tossups (+10/-5):
Torontonians: Eric 4/0, Bobby 4/2, Caroline 0/0, Dave 0/0.
B2B: Bruce 3/3, Brock 1/1, Victoria 1/0, Meghan 0/0.

Bonus averages: Torontonians 14.4, B2B 12.0.

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