Second Annual
Trans-Canada Championship Match
July 14, 2001

The second annual Trans-Canada Championship Match was held over the telephone on Saturday, July 14, 2001. The two teams had just participated in that day's two Canadian tournaments:

Originally the game was supposed to be between the winning VETO team and the winning LETO team. FARSIDE was the winning VETO team, but in London, only Matt remained from UWO B, the winning LETO team, so he and Adam (LETO's highest individual scorer, on UWO A) played as a UWO team.

The match was moderated by Brian Hight. The questions were written by NAQT with Canadian content added by Gabe Desjardins. The game was untimed, with 20 tossups.

Technical notes

The moderator made a three-way call to both Vancouver and Waterloo from his home in Texas.

The team in Vancouver had a speakerphone and buzzer system, but since the team had only one player, Peter instead used a service bell placed near the phone. In London, Adam and Matt had separate telephones and pressed different buttons (3 and *) to buzz in.


FARSIDE defeated UWO, 455 to 150.

Tossups (+15/+10/-5): Peter 1/13/0, Matt 2/1/1, Adam 0/3/0.
Bonus averages: FARSIDE 22.1, UWO 14.2.

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