TRASHionals 2000
Canadian Theme Round
by David Thorsley
University of Western Ontario (but disguised as part of the Michigan contigent)
April 1, 2000


1. It began in 1909 when Mary Pickford moved to Los Angeles, and her efforts to set up a base for it came to fruition when United Artists was founded in 1919.  Since the film about it was released in (*) 1986, its activities have included sabotaging the 1998 U.S. men's Olympic hockey team and corrupting TRASHionals with Canadian theme rounds.  For 10 points — identify this attempt to take over the American entertainment industry that was revealed in a CBC-HBO exposé featuring Anne Murray, Lorne Greene, and John Candy.
Answer:  The Canadian Conspiracy

2. Born in Vancouver, he graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and found work in such films as Radiant City, Love and a .45, and the Shawshank Redemption.  His current TV character graduated from law school in (*) Michigan  and now works at the firm of Cage/Fish and Associates.  For 10 points — name this actor who plays Billy Allen Thomas on Ally McBeal.
Answer:  Gil Bellows

3. Taking this more famous name in 1940, its office intentionally resembled the old King Street offices of the Toronto Star, for which it was originally (*) named.  On the orders of a New York editor, it was given this new name by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.  For 10 points — identify this newspaper, the employer of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.
Answer:  Daily Planet

4. As a baby, his father wrote a song about how much he liked to be breastfed.  He received a Juno nomination at the age of 14, and he appeared in a Gap ad asking (*) "What are you doing New Year's Eve?"  For 10 points — identify this Canadian singer whose 1998 self-titled album featured the song "April Fools," and who is the son of Kate McGarrigle.
Answer:  Rufus Wainwright

5. Despite being seeded 11th out of 12, only advancing to the playoffs after a coin flip, and being ranked 85th in the world, the Canadian team (*) won this event on the strength of the stellar goaltending of Craig Forrest, the tournament MVP.  For 10 points -- identify this event held in February 2000, the first major soccer tournament won by the Canadian national team.
Answer: CONCACAF Gold Cup

6. The shadowy figure at the centre of Whitewater, he was invited to conduct the coin toss at a Roughriders game after he dethroned Newt (*) Gingrich for the title of "world's goofiest name."  For 10 points — identify this Regina gas station owner who had his 15 minutes of fame in the summer of 1995 when David Letterman discovered just how goofy his name was.
Answer: Dick Assman (it's actually pronounced US-man)

7. Although Canada has a shortage of members of this profession, Loredana Silion of Romania was denied a work permit because she did not have the experience required to practice it at Toronto's Sunset (*) Strip nightclub.  For 10 points — identify this profession that most people would consider to require absolutely no experience, and which in any case requires absolutely no clothes.
Answer:  burlesque entertainer
Accept:  exotic dancer, stripper, or any other equivalent
Do not accept:  topless dancer
Note: Burlesque entertainer is the official designation of workers in this field.

8. The daughter of a longtime Montreal city councilor, she played in the band Tinker with Jordon Zadorozny of Blinker the Star.  In 1994, she left Tinker to join (*) Hole, and stayed on until 1999.  For 10 points — identify this bassist who left Hole to replace D'Arcy Wretzky for the latest Smashing Pumpkins release, MACHINA/The Machines of God.
Answer: Melissa auf der Maur

9. An ardent NDP supporter, she lost two teeth during a protest against the Ontario government.  A child star in Canada, she made her name in Canadian films such as Joe's so Mean to Josephine and (*) Exotica before gaining wider appeal in American films.  For 10 points — identify this actress whose recent roles include Harper Sloane in Guinevere and Ronna Martin in Go.
Answer:  Sarah Polley

10. "I do Rub A535 ads in Canada, it's true/I really really really really really really do/On Supertown Challenge I play Dick Powell/I also make appearances on (*) Improv Heaven and Hell."  For 10 points — identify the Scottish-born Canadian comic that might sing that hoe-down about himself on Whose Line is It Anyway?
Answer: Colin Mochrie

11. His 1997 season was cut short after 11 games due to a broken fibula.  He caught 27 passes for 428 yards in 1998, but this (*) Kent State graduate's best-known contribution to his team was the invention of the "Dirty Bird."  For 10 points — name this Canadian-born tight end for the Atlanta Falcons.
Answer:  O.J. Santiago

12. Originally known as the Canadaires, they received their big break when they drove to Cleveland in forty-below temperatures to appear on the Gene Carroll Show.  Most of their hits were cover versions of R&B or (*) doo-wop songs, such as The Penguins' "Earth Angel."  For 10 points — name this fifties hair band best known for their 1954 #1 single, a cover of the Chords' "Sh-Boom."
Answer:  The Crew-Cuts

13. It was first awarded in 1966 to the University of Toronto.  >From 1966 until 1982, it was awarded to the winner of the Canadian College (*) Bowl.  In 1982, that game was renamed in honour of the trophy, which is now in the possession of the Laval Rouge et Or.  For 10 points — identify this trophy awarded to Canadian inter-university football champion.
Answer:  Vanier Cup

14. He was invited to Oxford in 1977 to assist Christopher Tolkien in editing The Silmarillion.  He later works have drawn extensively on medieval history, using the Albigensian Crusade as the historical basis for A Song for (*) Arbonne and 12th century Al-Andalus for The Lions of Al-Rassan.  For 10 points — name this author of The Summer Tree, The Wandering Fire, and The Darkest Road, three works collectively known as The Fionavar Tapestry.
Answer:  Guy Gavriel Kay

15. Because she is a "dorkus malorkus," Lisa is not allowed to attend.  Marge can't decide if she wishes she was going or if she wishes she (*) were going.  Bart claims to be going with Milhouse, Nelson, and Martin, but they end up at the Wigsphere in Knoxville instead.  For 10 points — identify this competition supposedly held at the Sheraton Hotel in Canada.
Answer:  National Grammar Rodeo

16. This company was launched on November 30, 1999 by CEO William Craig.  Allowing access to seventeen (*) channels freely available in the Toronto area, it was almost immediately sued by the NFL, NBA, ten movie studios, and three television stations and ceased operations late in February 2000.  For 10 points — identify this company that allowed users to watch television shows live on the Internet.
Answer:  iCraveTV

17. "You're so damn smart! You're smarter than any white man. You're just going to stay here and show us all."  With these words the sheriff of Sparta, (*) Mississippi mocks a detective from Philadelphia, who had been arrested for murder because he was a man of colour.  For 10 points — identify this 1967 film starring Rod Steiger as Sheriff Gillespie and Sidney Poitier as Virgil Tubbs, directed by Canadian Norman Jewison.
Answer:  In the Heat of the Night

18. Its first members included John Ducey and Lester Pearson.  It is located in Saint Mary's, Ontario, in part due to the role that an early Saint Mary's mayor had in chronicling a (*) game that took place in nearby Beachville in 1838.  For 10 points — identify this institution whose most famous members include George Selkirk, Reggie Cleveland, and Ferguson Jenkins.
Answer:  Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

19. Appearing on 1986's The Green Album and on the 1991 compilation Sweeter Things, this original version of this single by (*) Fifty Four Forty has been supplanted by a 1995 cover version that sounds exactly the same except that the quality vocals of Neil Osborne have been replaced by the unrestrained moaning of Darius Rucker.  For 10 points — identify this song best known in the United States for its gawdawful cover by Hootie & the Blowfish on the Friends soundtrack.
Answer:  I Go Blind

20. Despite the results of a student referendum that approved it, an attempt to honour this 1952 Bachelor of Commerce grad was not accepted by (*) McGill University administration because he is neither dead nor generous, as he gives less than $50 per year to the alumni fund.  For 10 points — identify this man whose name is unofficially given to McGill's student centre and who is also known for his renditions of Mr. Tambourine Man and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
Answer: William Shatner

21. In five seasons together, they scored a total of 350 goals.  Between them, they won five major awards between (*) 1945 and 1949; however, three of them were won by perhaps the least well-remembered of the three, Elmer Lach.  For 10 points — identify this Montreal Canadiens line that also featured Toe Blake and Maurice Richard.
Answer:  The Punch Line
Accept:  La Ligne de frappe
22. This 1992 film contains an homage to Easy Rider — heroin is smuggled across the border in a hose so that it can be delivered to New Orleans.  The main difference is that, in this film, the hose is hidden inside a corpse.  After an incident where we learn why the main characters are named (*) Pokey and Bangs, Satan steals the corpse and it's up to Pokey to get it back.  For 10 points — identify this Bruce McDonald film about a trip from Thunder Bay to New Orleans, and named after the road between them where, according to Bob Dylan, God wanted the killin' done.
Answer: Highway 61

23. Recent events have led critics to believe that much of this 1971 album was inspired by the singer's sorrow over losing her child.  Called an "emotionally transparent" album by the singer, it features guest artists such as Stephen Stills and her then-boyfriend, (*) James Taylor.  Songs from this album include "The Last Time I Saw Richard," "All I Want," and "Little Green."  For 10 points — identify this album by Joni Mitchell, the follow-up to Ladies of the Canyon.
Answer: Blue

24. He works at the Brantford Civic Centre, and is only famous thanks to the Internet.  His archrival is Al Sobotka, who performs the same job as he does, but Al works at (*) Joe Louis Arena.  While Al got 97,000 votes online, he managed more than 177,000.  For 10 points — identify this man, who was the 1999 winner of the "People's Choice Award for Zamboni Driver of the Year."
Answer: Jimmy "The Iceman" MacNeil (accept either underlined part)


1. The worst trend in Canadian music has always been the copycat band — the band that sounds and looks exactly like the latest American fad band, but somehow manages to find a way to be crappier.  The Moffatts are a cheap rip-off of Hanson; Alanis was a cheap rip-off of Debbie Gibson until she found herself a last name, but the worst rip-off band is the band that rips off the Backstreet Boys, N' Sync, and 98° all at once — V.I.P.

V.I.P.'s crappiness is best displayed in their (s)hit single, "It's Just My Luck."  In this song, they sing about how they can't get any women.  However, they don't attribute this to their ugliness, stupidity, or complete lack of talent — it's just bad luck that keeps them from scorin' with the chickies.  This song is a morass of mediocrity, with lyrics that are predictable, stupid, and pointless.

In fact, the lyrics are so predictable that this bonus will ask you to identify what happens in the song, even those most of you, being Americans, have had the good fortune never to hear it.  For 10 points each, given a lyrical snippet from "It's Just My Luck," try and guess what happens next, which in each case is the reason why V.I.P. can't get naked with the honeys.  Loose equivalents will be accepted.

A. (10) "I was dancing to my favourite song/When I saw her looking at me
She was hot, she was fine/And it blew my mind/When she said come dance with me
And after the song was over/I walked into the bar/I wanted to meet her for a kiss and then she said…"
Answer: she already has a boyfriend
B. (10) "I was walking down the street one day/When two girls were looking at me
They were hot, they were fine/I thought two at a time/What a perfect fantasy
Just as I offered my number/They turned and laughed at me…"
Answer: they're lesbians
C. (10) "I met the girl of my dreams/A perfect picture from a magazine
She was hot, she was fine/Didn't waste any time/When she said your place or mine
Just when I thought my problems were over/She turned the lights down low…"
Answer: she calls out someone else's name

2. There are 5 minor league baseball teams in Canada affiliated with major league teams.  For the stated number of points, identify the big league clubs each of these clubs are affiliated with.
A. (5) Ottawa Lynx
Answer:  Montreal Expos
B. (10) Calgary Cannons
Answer:  Florida Marlins
C. (5) Saint Catherine's Stompers
Answer: Toronto Blue Jays
D. (9) Edmonton Trappers
Answer:  Anaheim Angels
E. (1) Medicine Hat Blue Jays
Answer:  Toronto Blue Jays

3. 40-30-20-10-5-1.  Identify the actress.
(40)  (Allow for a guess now.)
(30)  Allowed to appear in this pack because she was born near Cardston, Alberta, her family moved to Arizona when she was 3.  One of her first big breaks occurred when Universal agreed to cancel her contract so she could work with Erich von Stroheim.
(20)  She was an early scream queen, appearing in such films as Doctor X, The Vampire Bat, and The Clairvoyant.
(10)  Her most famous role was as Ann Darrow in 1933's King Kong.
(5)  She is mentioned in Jimmy Ray's song, "Are You Jimmy Ray?"
(1)  The line that mentions her name is "Are you Fay Wray?"
Answer: Fay Wray

4. Identify these shows appearing on the CBC for the stated number of points.
A. (5)  It's the longest running show currently on the CBC.
Answer:  Hockey Night in Canada
B. (10) On this show's segment "Talking to Americans", Rick Mercer convinced George W. Bush that the Prime Minister of Canada was named "Jean Poutine."
Answer:  This Hour Has 22 Minutes
C. (5)  Steve Smith and Patrick McKenna star in this show set at Possum Lodge.
Answer:  The Red Green Show
D. (10)  No show could be worse than Canada's talk show for teenagers, hosted by the frightfully annoying Jonathan Torrens.
Answer:  Jonovision

5. Name the Canadian city in which the following landmarks are located, for the stated number of points.
A. (4) The Big Nickel
Answer: Sudbury
B. (5) Foufounes Electriques
Answer: Montreal
C. (6) The Guy Lombardo Museum
Answer: London
D. (7) Stanley Park
Answer: Vancouver
E. (8) Golden Boy
Answer: Winnipeg

6. NBC called it a stunning upset, but oddsmakers not caught up in Yankee Olympic hype recognized that the Canadian 4 by 100 metre relay team were indeed the favourites at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
A. (4/4/4/4/2) For 4 points each and a 2 point bonus for putting them in order, identify the four members of Canada's gold medal winning relay team.
Answer: Robert Esmie, Glenroy Gilbert, Bruny Surin, Donovan Bailey
B. (3/3/3/3) For 3 points each, identify the four Americans that brought eternal dishonour on their country by winning silver, I mean, losing gold.
Answer: Jon Drummond, Tim Harden, Mike Marsh, Dennis Mitchell

7. Identify these Canadian ‘80s classics for 10 points on lyrics, 5 points on the artist.
A. (10) "And we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet/and surprise 'em with the victory cry"
(5)  Men Without Hats
Answer:  Safety Dance
B. (10) "Just a little more time is all we're asking for/Cause just a little more time could open closing doors"
(5)  Corey Hart
Answer:  Never Surrender
C. (10)  "From nine 'til five I have to spend my time at work/The job is very boring, I'm an office clerk"
(5)  Martha and the Muffins
Answer:  Echo Beach

8. For the stated number of points, spell the following words.
A. (5) colour
Answer: C-O-L-O-U-R
B. (5) millimetre
Answer: M-I-L-L-I-M-E-T-R-E
C. (10) ohmmeter
Answer: O-H-M-M-E-T-E-R
D. (10)  Rough Riders, as in Ottawa Rough Riders
Answer: R-O-U-G-H space R-I-D-E-R-S

9. For the stated number of points, pronounce the following words.
A. (5) L-E-A-F-S
Answer: leeffs
B. (10) S-A-S-K-A-T-C-H-E-W-A-N
Answer: sah-SKATCH-uh-wahn
C. (10)  L-I-E-U-T-E-N-A-N-T
Answer: lef-TEN-ent
D. (5) A-B-O-U-T
Answer: ab-owt
Do not accept: ab-oot

10. Identify these films directed by David Cronenberg for the stated number of points, based on their most memorable perversion.
A. (5) Being sexually aroused by car accidents
Answer: Crash
B. (5) Slowly transforming into an insect
Answer: The Fly
C. (10) A group of murderous children
Answer: The Brood
D. (10) A nude S&M scene with James Woods and Deborah Harry
Answer: Videodrome

11. In the olde days, the Stanley Cup could end up just about anywhere.  For 10 points each, identify these Stanley Cup finalists from less populated parts of Canada.
(In all cases accept either underlined part.)
A.  After traveling 23 days to get there, this team lost the two-game 1905 series by a combined score of 31-5.
Answer: Dawson City Nuggets
Prompt on: Yukon
B.  Art Ross won the first of his two Stanley Cups in January 1907 with this Northwestern Ontario club from a town originally known as "Rat Portage."
Answer: Kenora Thistles
C.  The last non-NHL team to win the Cup, this Pacific Coast League club defeated the Canadiens three games to one in 1925.
Answer: Victoria Cougars

12. There are some people we're glad left and went to the states.  For the stated number of points, answer these questions about Tom Green.
A. (5) Green got his start on community television in this city.
Answer: Ottawa
B. (10) He caused this Canadian late night host to throw up when he tossed a rotting raccoon and squirrel on his desk.
Answer: Mike Bullard
C. (5) According to a February 2000 report in the Edmonton Sun, Green was supposedly dating this famous woman.
Answer: Monica Lewinsky
D. (10) Green painted his parents' house this colour when they were on vacation.
Answer: plaid

13. For 10 points each, given a French slogan for a product, identify the product.
A. (10) Cric! Crac! Croc!
Answer: Rice Krispies
B. (10) Les Croqueurs Craquent pour les Craquelins
Answer: Biscuits Ritz Crackers
Accept: Nabisco Crackers
C. (10) Attrappez-les tous!
Answer: Pokemon
Note: Award 15 points to the team if they refuse to answer on principle.

14. 40-30-20-10-5-1.  Identify the film.
(40)  (Allow for a guess now.)
(30)  It was its director's third film, following Foxy Lady and Cannibal Girls.
(20)  It included Jack Blum as Spazz, who was described in the movie as "a sex machine.  Unfortunately, there's no warranty on parts."
(10)  An alternate title of this Ivan Reitman film was "Summer Camp."
(5)  It starred Bill Murray as the camp counselor Tripper who oversees a group of less than well-adjusted kids.
(1)  It was followed by the sequels Meatballs II and Meatballs III.
Answer: Meatballs

15. You weren't expecting to get through this pack without a Canadian hip-hop bonus, were you?  For 10 points each, identify the following hip-hop masters from a description.
A. (10) This performer of "Let Your Backbone Slide" and "Conductin' Thangs" recently revitalized his career with the song "Stick to Your Vision."
Answer: Maestro Fresh-Wes
B. (10) Lou and Capital Q, the members of this band, sampled the theme song of the cheesy Canadian game show Definition for their 1991 single, "My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style."
Answer: Dream Warriors
C. (10) Does the idea of a Canadian hip-hop supergroup amuse you?  The Rascalz, Checkmate, Kardinal (kar-din-AL) Offishall, Thrust, and Choclair formed this group in 1998, which spawned a hit single of the same name.
Answer: Northern Touch

16.  Comic book bonus.  For 10 points each:
A. (10) Name the Canadian comic book character who, in March 1992, became the first openly gay mainstream superhero in Marvel Comics history.
Answer: Northstar
Accept: Jean-Paul Beaubier
B. (10) Northstar is a member of this group of Canadian superheroes.
Answer: Alpha Flight
C. (10) He was one of the first Alpha Flight agents in Department H, but he chose to joined the "brawn drain" and take a more lucrative position south of the border with Professor X.
Answer: Wolverine

17. Answer these questions about Canada's national sport for 10 points each.
A. (10) This many players are on the field for each team in a lacrosse match.
Answer: 10
B. (10) This native tribe is recognized as a competing nation by the International Lacrosse Federation.
Answer: Iroquois
C. (10) This Toronto team was the 1999 champion of the National Lacrosse League.
Answer: Toronto Rock

18. Identify the following joke Canadian political parties for 10 points each.  Rest assured that the author's political biases played a role in this question.
A. (10) Forced into extinction by new campaign regulations that require registered federal parties to field at least 50 candidates, they had been subject to a CSIS investigation almost continuously since their founding in 1971.
Answer: Rhinoceros Party
French: Parti Rhinocéros
B. (10) Although this party was founded in Great Britain, the Canadian party has the most exposure in 1993 due to the involvement of the now deceased Doug Henning.
Answer: Natural Law Party
French: Le Parti de la Loi Naturelle
C. (10) In late January 2000, this name for the "United Alternative" received the majority of the 1,500 votes cast in the poll, which was odd because there were only 900 delegates.  Three days later, they shortened the name to "Canadian Alliance" because they were sick of everyone laughing at them.
Answer: Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance (Party)
Accept: CCRA or CCRAP

19. In his old age, Don Adams got smart and started doing all his work in Canada.  For 10 points each, identify these Canadian-based Adams roles.
A. (10) Adams voiced the title character of this Canadian-made cartoon.
Answer: Inspector Gadget
B. (10) It was conclusively proved that Canadians can't make sitcoms after this 1985-88 effort that featured Adams and the rest of the cast as the staff of a supermarket.
Answer: Check It Out
C. (10) Adams is now reprising his Maxwell Smart role for this long distance prefix that promises to "save without switching."
Answer: 101-55-66

20. For writing relatively bland inoffensive music, Sarah McLachlan does manage to get sued a lot.  For 10 points each, answer these questions about lawsuits against the Lilith Fair founder.
A. (10) Drummer Darryl Neudorf sued McLachlan over uncredited assistance in the writing of this 1988 album.
Answer: Touch
B. (10) A co-defendant is Neudorf's lawsuit was this Vancouver-based record label that released Touch.
Answer: Nettwerk
C. (10) Before taking his own life, Uwe Vandrei sued, claiming that parts of this 1993 song were taken from obsessive letters that he had sent McLachlan.
Answer: Possession

21. Identify the Canadian sports team from its owner, 5-10-15.
A. (5) Rod Bryden
Answer: Ottawa Senators
B. (10) Jeffrey Loria
Answer: Montreal Expos
C. (15) Don Cherry
Answer: Mississauga IceDogs (accept either underlined part)

22. 40-30-20-10-5-1.  Identify the TV personality who was the guest of honour at the 1996 Reach for the Top nationals.
(40) (Allow for a guess now.)
(30) In 1967, he created the show he worked on until 1996 from the earlier show Butternut Square.
(20) American by birth, he came to Canada in 1963 to help Fred Rogers develop Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood.
(10)  His show was known for the costumes and puppets found in the Tickle Truck.
(5) The Tickle Trunk was home to Casey and Finnegan.
(1) He was the title character of the show Mr. Dressup.
Answer: Mr. Dressup
Accept: Ernie Coombs

23. 40-30-20-10-5-1.  Identify the business.
(40) (Allow for a guess now.)
(30) It is the major sponsor of the Canadian national cycling team.
(20) It has more than tripled in size over the last decade, opening its 1500th location in Pickerington, Ohio, in 1997.
(10) Recently it has emphasized healthier food, adding bagels and sandwiches to its menu in the past few years.
(5) It's Canada's national doughnut chain, named after a hockey player who died in a car accident in 1974.
(1) In 1999, Ottawa Street in Hamilton was renamed "Tim Horton's Way" in its honour.
Answer: Tim Horton's

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