"Best Science Question" from VETO 2015

This question appeared in the UBC alumni + C Music Factory team's packet for VETO 2015.

6. In South Africa in 1938, Museum curator Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer noticed a strange-looking fish in a captain's daily catch. Answer these questions about fishing, for ten points each.

What kind of "living fossil" fish did Courtenay-Latimer find?

Answer: Coelacanth

A Coelacanth is the best known example of this phenomenon, which refers to a group of animals that has disappeared for one or more periods in the fossil record, only to reappear later.

Answer: Lazarus taxon

Similar to a lazarus taxon, this type of taxon is a taxon which has been misidentified as having remerged in the fossil record after a period of presumed extinction, but is not actually a descendant of the original taxon, instead having developed a similar morphology through convergent evolution.

Answer: Elvis taxon

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